January 20th, 2012 by Mike Fulton

The subtitle of this website has always been “Welcome Inside My Head” or something along similar lines, but this post may be the first time that has applied quite so appropriately, because it’s about dreams.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been able to do lucid dreaming.  That’s what they call it when someone becomes aware they are dreaming while it’s happening. In many cases, after that realization hits, they can influence what happens, at least to some degree.

Most of the time, my dreams are some sort of wild episode featuring myself and my friends or family.  Sometimes it’s like we’ve been inserted into some weird combination of TV shows, movies, and real life, and other times it’s just some mundane scene.  Sometimes they’re more or less realistic, other times obviously not. While they sometimes feature some things that are obviously unreal, my dreams don’t usually contain too much in the way of stereotypical dream imagery.  Usually anything that’s too far out of the ordinary triggers the realization that I’m dreaming.

However, once in awhile, I have a dream that later makes me wonder if I’m not receiving someone else’s broadcast.  I’m not in it, and neither is anybody I know.  While they sometimes flow from scene to scene like a movie, they feel more like reality.  They can be deadly serious and it often feels like I’m just watching something happen through someone else’s eyes, or from over their shoulder.  There’s never any lucid dreaming on these, either, and they’re usually pretty realistic, without any stereotypical dream imagery.

I woke up from a dream like this just awhile ago.  It featured two brothers who were in the hospital, one already down a path of serious treatment and the other still awaiting diagnosis.  My guess would be some sort of inoperable cancer for the older brother, but it wasn’t clear what was wrong with either of them.  Oddly, there were a few scenes with a lot of medical technobabble which I didn’t understand even in the dream.  A lot of the dream had to do with the younger brother wandering around the hospital with his girlfriend while they waited for important test results.

The dream had several doctors, family members, nurses, but there was nobody I knew at all.  It was like a really depressing reality TV show or something.  The only point of familiarity was that one of the doctors who appeared briefly right before the end looked like Kelsey Grammer (Frazier Crane of “Cheers”).

Very odd.


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